Pumpkin Pie Sky

I wrote a short #poem to try something different this week. I love pumpkin pie and I thought it would be neat to work with a color palate that was limited to the colors of my favorite desert.

City Witch

Another digital painting for your viewing enjoyment. This one is called the City Witch. Thoughts and feedback are always appreciated.

Forest Witch

The design is about 40 layers most of which are corrections and refinements that I made as I went back over during the polishing stage. I just paint over areas I’m not happy with and use another layer. Don’t judge. Each to their own right?

The Wood Witch (Before and After)

Finished my Wood Witch picture tonight. Below is the before and after along with an alternate version with some additional colors included.

The Concept Art Idea Book 2

I am excited to announce that I am working on my second Concept Art Idea Book. My very first book was released back in 2017. One of the things I’ve noticed as I build the newest installment is quite a lot of artistic growth over the past few years. It’s only when you start to compare your recent work with some of the older works that you really notice the change. Very thankful to all the artists out there who have shared their insights, challenges, and contributed to helping me become a better artist.


Lighting correction layers added to enhance the image. You can see the before and after.