Snowman Guardian

The Snowman Guardian protects Christmas village from invaders. Standing alone and unafraid in the distance, the snowman guardian stands day and night protecting the gates from those who would do it harm.

Check out my first YA Fantasy book: A Door into Evermoor!

Check out my first venture into YA fantasy!  Jon’s a regular Earth kid who wants something more.  After he stumbles through an interdimensional portal, his wishes are granted in spectacular fashion!  During his journey, he encounters a Wolven King and an Elerican Witch, the last Wayfarer, and a half-Elf Princess!  All this and more in…

Artistic Creations of the Day

Morning!!! Today’s artistic creations of the day are two digital paintings I created using Procreate.  I hope you enjoy my artistic expression. Infuse your day with is little creative activity of your own!!! Artistic Creations of the Day

Christmas Elf Design

This is an image of the Christmas Elf design that was used to create my previous image. This was the conceptual design pose that I used to create a character component. The component can now be copied / pasted wherever I need him.

Candy Cane Elven Outlands

Candy Cane Elven Outlands is an Elven Location part of my Christmas Elf series I am working on. It’s a place full of well, you know…candy canes. This design is a concept art piece designed to show alternative locations in a fantasy style Christmas world. #christmas, #elf, #candy, #jeffreyhuntart, #clipstudiopaint Candy Cane Elven Outlands

Exclusive Santa Column: Santa’s Lovely Christmas Jumper

Another week, another newsletter. After Santa’s last outing with death bats, we’re pleased this week to see he’s discussing lovely Christmas jumpers. Excellent! That’s much more wholesome and fabulous. Christmas jumpers spread considerable joy across the world and it’s superb to see Santa finally embrace the Christmas spirit. An Evening of Sophistication My stupid wife…