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Abandoned is the latest YouTube video I’ve created putting together the wonderful tools of both #Blender and #Clip Studio Paint. The main design and painting were completed in Clip Studio Paint. The video effects were created using Blender.

I have a recent video called How I used Clip Studio Paint and Blender to create an animated video (1st YouTube Tutorial). This pretty much describes how I use each software to its advantage to create videos.


This was inspired from looking at pictures of old Roman statues and some Dungeons & Dragons books that I remember reading. I wanted to create my own little cave of lost treasures if you will.

I fully enjoyed working on this piece. I experimented with lighting and other effects to create an eerie atmosphere and a sense of the unknown.

What I Learned

I learned how to create a more painted look for my design by not inking the piece prior to coloring. I stuck mainly to brushes and added color in layers while blending everything into soft pockets of light and dark.

I paid attention to keep my lighting on separate layers. I used two separate layers to light the design. One layer was for the ambient color and an additional layer was used for more of a hard light from another light source.

I did the same thing with shading. Ambient occlusion shading was first and then additional shading from the light source.

A color balance layer made all the difference by pulling the blues and the gold out more while also darkening the whole piece with a levels layer. The dark overall appeal made the light effects in Blender show up much nice.

In Blender I took advantage of the Emission tools under the shader. Volumetrics allows for a nice subtle glow around particles or other lights. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to find in a cave. Right?

As always, I hope you enjoyed.

Fantasy Rock Study

Fantasy Rock Study

Tonight I painted a mysterious entrance inside of a cave as the theme for my rock study. Creating the one segment saved so much time. I copied and pasted the one element over and over again until I had the rock pattern I needed. I used reference from the landscape workshop to get the edges correct along with that rock like appearance.

Rock Body

This was the starting point. I painted this first and then sketched out the rest of the composition on a new layer. As I needed the rocks, I just copied and pasted into place along with some transform to squish them in.