Exclusive Santa Column: Santa’s Lovely Christmas Jumper

Another week, another newsletter. After Santa’s last outing with death bats, we’re pleased this week to see he’s discussing lovely Christmas jumpers. Excellent! That’s much more wholesome and fabulous. Christmas jumpers spread considerable joy across the world and it’s superb to see Santa finally embrace the Christmas spirit. An Evening of Sophistication My stupid wife…

My Favorite Christmas Films

And “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” is at the Top By Jeff Salter Topic: Do you have a favorite Christmas / holiday novel? What about your favorite movie? Do you restrict reading/viewing of Christmas / holiday themed books / movies to the holiday season? I’ll reply to the last question first. No. I don’t restrict…

Time Laps Video of the Day

2022 Time Lapse Video Morning!!! Time for another Time Lapse Video of the day created using Procreate.  I hope you enjoy my artistic expression. Infuse your day with is little creative activity of your own!!! Time Laps Video of the Day

6 Personalised Photo Gift Ideas for Christmas

ad // I love personalised gifts and always try and get my loved ones something personalised for special occasions. Photo gifts are one type of personalised gifts that I find you can’t really go wrong with; first of all, they’re SO personal. Nobody else is going to have a photo of your loved ones face…

cancelling xmas (cards & decorations)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been busy in the run-up to Christmas, in my sewing room, making little tree decorations that I post, along with cards, to family & friends. An example from back in October 2016. However, for this xmas, I’ve made an executive decision, prompted by lack of time,…


Today I completed my #Christmas #Elf #Digital #Painting. You may have seen my previous post that I uploaded of my digital pencil #sketch. If you missed it, go check it out.

Christmas Tree WIP (Clip Studio Paint and Wondershare Filmora)

Christmas Tree

The current WIP is a digital pencil sketch with shading of an elf overshadowed by a giant magical Christmas tree. What is the purpose of this giant tree? Is it symbolic to the region? Does it contain a magical power source critical to the rest of the North Pole? Let your mind go wild with the possibilities.

No Money For Marketing? Diy It

Are you building a new business? Do you need to get more customers? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, then the answer is marketing. When your budget is bare, however, you might wonder how, exactly, you can spread the word about your goods and services. Artist Jeffrey Hunt offers a few answers in today’s shared post.