Haunted Evening


Do you like #ghosts? The season of #Halloween is soon to begin so I designed this animation of a haunted environment to start the excitement early.


This #haunted #environment was created using #Clip Studio Paint and #Wondershare Filmora. Each element was designed and placed into an individual folder. This allowed for easy modifications to be made when needed and also simplified the animation when I put it all together.


The elements in each folder consisted of seven layers. Each one used a glow layer and some screen layers. The glow layers made the spectral visions of the spirits seem to jump off the page. Pretty cool I think. I used more of a painterly brush to bring out the ghostly essence. Lots of blending helped to keep the lines blurred and the color values more evenly spread out.


The Filmora video editor made is very easy to take the exported Clip Studio Paint video and add music. I added the clips and the music so that they complemented each other as best as possible. There was a particle field that I added which came with the software to make the scene glow with orbs. The music was found from the YouTube library of royalty free music they make available.

Hope you enjoy. I’ll be adding it to my mood music library. Check it out if you haven’t already.

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