Halloween Witch (Clip Studio Paint and Filmora)

Halloween Witch

Tonight’s #digital painting is of a witch in the #forest conversing with some #pumpkins she found. What are they talking about? Are they getting ready for #Halloween?


This was created using #clipstudiopaint and was separated into three different folders. The #witch had her own folder with about seven layers in all. The pumkins were on their own layer and finally a layer just for the background. The #painting was separated to allow for better control of lighting effects. I also didn’t want the gradient maps to go over everything so separation worked well for me. I used two separate #light setups. One layer was set to hard light which capture the light from the pumkin. The second lighting setup was a keylight coming from behind. This was also set to hard light.


It’s that time of year when #ghosts, #witches, #spooks, and more come out to play as we get closer to Halloween.

If you have any specific questions, you can ask away. What do you think?

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