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Halloween Pumpkin Night Out Using Clip Studio Paint

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Halloween Pumpkin Night Out Using Clip Studio Paint

Halloween Pumpkin Night Out Using Clip Studio Paint. It’s almost Halloween. I know I say that a lot but it truly almost is. People start decorating their porches and yards with pumpkins found all over but do they ever really stay in one place? Everybody wants to enjoy the festivities of Halloween so why should the pumpkin be left out? Please enjoy the newest collection of Mood Music I selected for this week’s video entertainment.

About the Halloween Pumpkin Night Out Painting

This painting took almost four days to complete. Why you ask did it take so long? I got picky. I wanted to create something that really showed a magical evening with a pumpkin and a ghost. Clip Studio Paint was my tool of choice as I painted away. The composition choice was based on the pumpkin first who is providing an almost disco ball effect as his fire lights the night for our ghostly companion enjoying the evening at the bottom.

Laying Out the Halloween Pumpkin Scene

This was the basic ink sketch of the design prior to painting. I pushed him around the page a little until I found a place where I felt the scene was most balanced. I wanted the rocks to have some ledges and different planes so that the light would bounce around.

The Shading

This was the value shading of the pumpkin and the background. I lowered the opacity of the ink layer so I could worry about only the values I wanted to use. Value shading helps with the entire painting process so I invested a lot more time in this part.

Integrating Filmora 12

I integrate Filmora 12 to build my videos. There are a lot of great features which complement my art style. I was able to really make the light source on the left jump out. I have other painting instructional posts and videos that you can see below if you’re not familiar with my workflow.

Final Video

The Final Video will be available on YouTube tomorrow at Noon

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