Ghostly Search

This evening I finished a #ghostly #poem to provide you with some #hauntingly wonderful #entertainment as part of this #video. Please enjoy! It’s now live on YouTube.


The #art was created using #clipstudiopaint and is 16 layers. Two of the layers are add glow layers which enhance the ghostly appearance of our scary wandering ghost. By putting the glow layers on top of each other, it compounded the effect of the ghostly look. A couple of green gradient layers provided a creepy ambiance. I erased out where I didn’t need it to show up. To keep control of the focal point, I limited where I used the glow effect.

The Poem

I wrote the poem last after I completed the image and uploaded the music. I let my emotions guide the literary aspect of the poem by visualizing myself as the main character. I thought of what the ghost might be thinking or “feeling” so to speak and wrote based off of that.

Final Touch

I used #wondersharefilmora to do the final editing and create the poem overlay in the video. It’s so easy to use but I was concerned about the timing of it all. I didn’t want to go too long through each scene without something to read. I use the music options of the #filmora to select the sounds that went with the scene. There was so much to choose from.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did creating it. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I’m sure no one can tell though…hahaha.

For those who have subscribed, thanks so much!!

For those who haven’t, I hope you give it a thought!

Take care and happy watching!

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