Forest Witch

I created another digital art piece combining Blender and Clip Studio Paint. This is the next installment from last week’s post. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been witch themed for a while now. Makes me almost wish for Halloween again.

Forest Witch


The design is about 40 layers most of which are corrections and refinements that I made as I went back over during the polishing stage. I just paint over areas I’m not happy with and use another layer. Don’t judge. Each to their own right?

Rough pencil

Blender Enhancements

I uploaded the finished .png into Blender and added some additional lighting effects. This was a lot faster this time because I saved my last project as a template. All I needed to do was change the lighting colors in my volumetric cube and upload the new illustration to replace the old one. The longest part is actually rendering the animation.

Below are some of the other versions.

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