Dystopian Cyber City (Clip Studio Paint Animation)

Dystopian Cyber City

Dystopian Cyber City is an #environment #animation made exclusively with #clipstudiopaint. This #conceptart inspired theme is set on a futuristic planet far away from Earth. Energy is in short supply to power the main buildings and you can see them pulse with light as you watch the video play.

The Design

The design was made using 28 layers for different effects. Some of the layers used were glow layers, overlay, a levels layer, and some screen layers. The layers were all built on each other with various blending modes to unify the scene and keep the environment ambient. I sought to create a #painterly effect to the overall piece by blending much of the strokes on the landscape.

The Animation

The animation was a test of #csp ability to create animation within the software. I found it very easy to do and easy to manipulate the various effects. The lights were on a separate timeline and looped. By turning off the opacity, I was able to use key frames to make the lights turn on and off. I added a #2d camera to get some motion into the scene as well. I think it added more of a dynamic effect.

The Video

The final video was exported from Clip Studio Paint and then imported into #wondersharefilmora on my computer. I could have uploaded it right into #youtube but wanted to build my #blog post first and then link back to it but I chose a different route this time.

I hope you enjoyed this. I plan on making more. Please like and subscribe and comment on what you’d like me to make if you have a request or a challenge.

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