Desert Witch (Clip Studio Paint and Blender)

I created another digital art piece combining Blender and Clip Studio Paint. This is an extra bonus since I just uploaded City Witch last night. I should probably think about pacing myself. 🙂 I am going to go back to posting only once a week but I had a vision in my mind for this one that I didn’t want to lose.

Desert Witch Blender Animation

Desert Witch Process

The design is about 25 layers using many correction as I went to adjust color and aesthetic for the overall design. This was created using Clip Studio Paint for the digital drawing / painting process.

Base colors and composition
Colors and Highlights
Final Polishing and Background details

Blender Enhancements

I uploaded the finished .png into Blender and added some additional lighting effects. For this design, I created a particle field to simulate the effects of being in a desert sand storm of some sort. The light which I set to 1500W, really sets off the glow that I was looking for and color matched very nicely with her clothes and other highlights. I just love the versatility I get when I use Blender.

Blender Enhancements

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