Concept Art Idea Book 2 Artbook Starter Kit

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Available at the following link.

Concept Art Idea Book 2 Artbook Starter Kit

Do you want to make an art book? Do you feel like that you just don’t have the tools available to make one because they cost too much? My latest art book was written and published by me with zero out of pocket expenses. That’s right. I didn’t spend any money publishing my art book. It only costs the time you want to spend on it making the best product you can.

With the launch of the Concept Art Idea Book 2 last year, now I want to help others make their own art books. This product offers you a Microsoft Publisher template that I used to make my own art book, a video that talks about my process and a digital copy of the Concept Art Idea Book 2.

About the Book

All artists struggle to come up with ideas in order to turn a blank page into a character, an environment or some other type of digital art. In this book, I discuss my process, provide some tips, and offer encouragement on your own path to become the type of artist that you want to become. The book contains 60 pages of art and with tips sprinkled throughout to provide you tools to be successful.

About the Kit

The starter kit includes just what you need to get started putting together your own art book. The template is Microsoft Publisher based and is a good place to start if you can’t afford subscriptions for other software solutions. The kit contains:

  • Microsoft Publisher Template
  • video overview of my process
  • Digital copy of the Concept Art Idea Book 2

Custom Brushes

For a limited time, I’ve also included my sketchbook pro custom brushes.

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