Compilation of Horror

Available Now on my Gumroad.

Complication of Horror Available Now

Do you like ghost stories?

Available now is my 26 page comic containing two short stories along with some bonus art as well as two videos. This is comic is my first ever and I’m really excited to share this with you. Buy my product by following the link.


This comic took about six months to write, illustrated and put together into a finished book. My inspiration for this comes from watching many episodes of Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. I always enjoyed stories where the ending was not what you were expecting. Irony in comics is one of my favorite writing styles when it comes to comics no matter the genre.

The comic was completely drawn and lettered within Clip Studio Paint. It’s starting to get a lot of the same features as Photoshop but caters more toward those who build comics with all the tools that are available. I typically spent about three to four hours a day building the pages for this.

About Me

I’ve been in the military for 24 years and have spent much of my free time learning to become a better artist. Many books have been read and many videos have been watched. When I was 19 I was going to art school at a community college but ran into hard times trying pay for school and work at the same time. I eventually went into the military thinking that I would do just one enlistment (four years). I met my wife of 22 years of marriage and raised five wonderful children together. During this time, it wasn’t an easy thing to leave a job with stability just to go into a completely different field so I chose to continue on in the military while also staying to stay active with my art.


As always, I want to thank everyone who supports my ability to keep drawing, sharing, and doing what I love most.

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