Christmas Tree WIP (Clip Studio Paint and Wondershare Filmora)

Christmas Tree WIP (Clip Studio Paint and Wondershare Filmora)

Today I have a Christmas Tree #WIP that I am designing to starting bringing in the #Christmas season a little early. Recently I created a series of witches that were uploaded to YouTube surrounding the #Halloween Holiday. This month I am going to start a new run of designs themed on the #magic of #Christmas with a focus on elves. I want to create a conceptual Christmas world that shows more about the Christmas land that they come from and maybe a glimpse of mysteries, magic, and wonder that may be hidden away.

New Christmas WIP
New Christmas WIP

Christmas Tree

The current WIP is a digital pencil sketch with shading of an elf overshadowed by a giant magical Christmas tree. What is the purpose of this giant tree? Is it symbolic to the region? Does it contain a magical power source critical to the rest of the North Pole? Let your mind go wild with the possibilities.


Since this is a pencil sketch with shading primarily to lay out the rest of the piece, there are only four layers in use. I created a sketch layer and then a final line layer to make the lines more confident and appealing. Beneath that is a shading layer to plan out future lighting and shading details. The tree was shading with a very large brush and then blended with a watercolor brush to make the branches more tree like and less of a blob.

You can see the timelapse here.

Christmas Tree WIP (Clip Studio Paint and Wondershare Filmora) – YouTube


Well, that’s it for today. You’ll see more in the days to come.

What do you think?

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