Christmas elf digital painting completed

Today I completed my #Christmas #Elf #Digital #Painting. You may have seen my previous post that I uploaded of my digital pencil #sketch. If you missed it, go check it out.


This design has 55 total layers. Each set of layers was broken down into separate folders to keep the #elf, the #tree, and tree elements such as #decorations separate from everything else. This totally paid off too because I was able to affect changes to those specific items while isolating them, so I didn’t accidentally change something else.

This time I uploaded some various versions of the same design. Three of them are cropped differently for more variety. The last one, which also happens to be the featured image, has a levels adjustment to make the scene darker and make the lights pop out more.


I used a gouache brush to paint / color the design. Normally I just color flat while using selection layers but this time I wanted to get a more painterly look. I think the results turned out really good. I am very happy with the textures of the clothes and especially the bark of the tree in the distance.


You can watch the painting process here on YouTube.

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