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Concept Art Idea Book 2

Amazon Kindle Concept Art Idea Book 2

Amazon Kindle now has The Concept Art Idea Book 2 available to purchase. It’s been almost a year since I started working on my #digitalart book. I’ve had some recent posts about my progress over the past few months. There were days when I had to take short breaks and there were days when I took some longer ones. There is nothing better though than the feeling you get when you can say that you are all done.

It is available here on Amazon.

Concept art idea book 2 intro video


What is this series about? In 2017 I published my very first book with the hopes of sharing my artwork with the world in the form of an illustrated book and providing value to those who just need some ideas to get started. I am all too familiar with artist block. That feeling of hopelessness that comes from not knowing what to draw. I find myself going to my own personal library of art books to overcome the block to get inspired by some of my favorite artists. I figure that if someone finds one of my books and is inspired by one of my images, then that is something to feel good about.


This book was created using Microsoft Publisher. I had never really spent much time using it before and thought it would be an inexpensive way to build a book. I already had created much of my artwork using other drawing software so all I needed to do was to upload my images into the page layouts. I took the time to build a table of contents first so that I knew which images to put where. This also helped me decide what kind of articles I would add as well. Once the book was completed, I exported quite a few drafts and allowed myself to walk away from the project a while. I found that after a week would go by, I’d look at my pages and think “uuugghh! What am I doing?” The pages didn’t look as good as they had when I really get going. Time away does provide some clearer vision. Amazon really makes it easy to upload a book just so long as you are careful with page sizes and page counts. Every once in a while I would lose a page and everything would shift right or left. Kind of gets annoying but perseverance prevails.

Published for Kindle and Paperback

Where can I find it?

The book is going to take about 72 hours to promulgate on the servers but you can find it here. I’ll be sure to send more updates about it if something changes.

Have a great day!

Concept Art Idea Book 2 (Page Design Sneak Peak)

Sharing my continuing work in progress of my new concept art book. I have had to digest hours of YouTube videos and Pinterest images of various types of page layouts to get the knowledge I needed to successfully make my own. So thankful to all of the content creators out there who showcase their ideas and make products for newbies like me to learn from. As I learn more I will certainly pay it forward by making my own.

What have I learned so far?

Graphic design is as much a form of art as the illustrations I have spent most of last year creating. The layout process has a lot of similarities to the principles of design that I have been learning. For example, balance, composition, and focal points are also elements that you have to keep in mind when laying out a page. Another epiphany I recently experienced is that the same storyboarding technique I use to lay out a comic page works great to lay out a page of text. By taking a piece of paper and sketching how I wanted my page to look first gave me a decent road map to where I wanted to go. I’m just so intrigued by how many relationships I’ve found between skill sets. It helped me to reduce the fear of learning something entirely new to realizing that I’m really just adding a layer to what I already know.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’d really like to know epiphanies you have had.

Book Creation Process

I’ve been using Microsoft Publisher to lay out the pages for my book. It’s an app that I rediscovered on my PC. While I used to have InDesign, I found that MS Publisher is a very inexpensive way to accomplish the same task. As long as I compress my images, I can keep moving along pretty well. With almost 60 pages in my book full of images, I was worried it would lag but so far, so good. Once complete, I’ll upload my finished book and build a downloadable .pdf for purchase as well.

If anyone has any feedback on the page designs, I’d love to know what you think.

Happy writing!

The Concept Art Idea Book 2

The Concept Art Idea Book 2

I am excited to announce that I am working on my second Concept Art Idea Book. My very first book was released back in 2017. One of the things I’ve noticed as I build the newest installment is quite a lot of artistic growth over the past few years. It’s only when you start to compare your recent work with some of the older works that you really notice the change. Very thankful to all the artists out there who have shared their insights, challenges, and contributed to helping me become a better artist.

You can find my first book at and it’s available in both paperback as well as eBook formats.

Compilation of Horror

Available Now on my Gumroad.

Complication of Horror Available Now

Do you like ghost stories?

Available now is my 26 page comic containing two short stories along with some bonus art as well as two videos. This is comic is my first ever and I’m really excited to share this with you. Buy my product by following the link.


This comic took about six months to write, illustrated and put together into a finished book. My inspiration for this comes from watching many episodes of Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. I always enjoyed stories where the ending was not what you were expecting. Irony in comics is one of my favorite writing styles when it comes to comics no matter the genre.

The comic was completely drawn and lettered within Clip Studio Paint. It’s starting to get a lot of the same features as Photoshop but caters more toward those who build comics with all the tools that are available. I typically spent about three to four hours a day building the pages for this.

About Me

I’ve been in the military for 24 years and have spent much of my free time learning to become a better artist. Many books have been read and many videos have been watched. When I was 19 I was going to art school at a community college but ran into hard times trying pay for school and work at the same time. I eventually went into the military thinking that I would do just one enlistment (four years). I met my wife of 22 years of marriage and raised five wonderful children together. During this time, it wasn’t an easy thing to leave a job with stability just to go into a completely different field so I chose to continue on in the military while also staying to stay active with my art.


As always, I want to thank everyone who supports my ability to keep drawing, sharing, and doing what I love most.