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Christmas elf digital painting completed

Today I completed my #Christmas #Elf #Digital #Painting. You may have seen my previous post that I uploaded of my digital pencil #sketch. If you missed it, go check it out.


This design has 55 total layers. Each set of layers was broken down into separate folders to keep the #elf, the #tree, and tree elements such as #decorations separate from everything else. This totally paid off too because I was able to affect changes to those specific items while isolating them, so I didn’t accidentally change something else.

This time I uploaded some various versions of the same design. Three of them are cropped differently for more variety. The last one, which also happens to be the featured image, has a levels adjustment to make the scene darker and make the lights pop out more.


I used a gouache brush to paint / color the design. Normally I just color flat while using selection layers but this time I wanted to get a more painterly look. I think the results turned out really good. I am very happy with the textures of the clothes and especially the bark of the tree in the distance.


You can watch the painting process here on YouTube.

What do you think?

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No Money For Marketing? Diy It

No Money For Marketing? Diy It

Are you building a new business? Do you need to get more customers? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, then the answer is marketing. When your budget is bare, however, you might wonder how, exactly, you can spread the word about your goods and services. Artist Jeffrey Hunt offers a few answers in today’s shared post.

Diy Marketing For Beginners

Marketing is a term that encompasses many different aspects of showcasing your business to the public. A few things you need to master right off the bat are:

  • Identify your demographic. Your target market isn’t everybody. While we like to think that our products appeal to the masses, most of us are more niche than that. Before you can create an effective marketing plan, you need to know who is likely to buy from you so that you can tailor your message to them. Your message is simply a creative way of explaining, sometimes without words, why people should spend money with you.
  • Understand some common terms. There are lots of words that simply describe where and how you market. To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed, get familiar with a few of these to start. A few examples include brand positioning, marketing channels, and metrics. Your brand position, according to New Breed Revenue, is how you “differentiate yourself from your competitors…” Marketing channels simply refer to the types of marketing you might do and where. Digital marketing through social media channels or print marketing via business cards and flyers are a few examples. Metrics are the hard numbers that you used to determine the effectiveness of your marketing plan, but more on that in a moment.

How Do You Know Which Channels Are Best?

You don’t. At least not until you dive into knowing who your customers are. When you know who is buying, you can start to figure out the places they are buying from. For many businesses these days, this begins with social media. CMA Solutions list several different marketing channels, including social media and SEO; the former includes sites like Facebook, and the latter utilizes content and online activities to make you more visible.

Measures Of Success

The results of the marketing campaign are not always immediately known. It might take days, weeks, or even months for your message to penetrate the market. However, you can better measure your success by setting clear objectives and utilizing website and social media analytics to determine new sales and followers.

Inexpensive Marketing Tactics

In addition to social media, many small businesses find success by:

  • Selling merchandise. A quick look at Jeffrey Hunt’s website, and you’ll see candles, posters, mugs, puzzles, and more. These items help people enjoy his work while also creating buzz around his art.
  • Giveaways. Giveaways are an excellent marketing tool for more than one reason. First, you likely put a much higher value than your overall cost on your end products and services. Other reasons include that giveaways appeal to people’s desire to try new things without a financial commitment. Plus, these are great ways to host a “like and share” campaign on your social media. Raffle Press explains giveaways help you generate leads and boost product exposure.
  • Partner with a specialist. Marketing specialists are not always cheap or easy to find. However, if you look for someone that can help with a certain aspect of your business, such as branding or logo design, you can outsource areas where you don’t have expertise. Streamline the communication process by using PDFs, which are much easier for people on all systems to read than Microsoft products, like PowerPoint and Word. There are many online tools available that help you edit, share, and modify your ideas so that you can share them with your specialist without the need for extensive emails or long phone conversations.

While you may not start out a marketing expert, you’ll soon gain traction. Start by understanding common marketing terms (like target market and metrics). Next, identify your marketing channels and look for inexpensive ways to get the word out. It may take time, and there will be trial and error, but with patience and persistence your marketing efforts will pay off.

Image via Pexels

Article by Elena Stewart from

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