Jeffrey Hunt

Freelance graphic illustrator with a passion for writing, digital painting, illustration, concept #art, and #comics created using various digital design tools such as #Photoshop, #Clipstudiopaint, and more.

The Necromancer

I’ve created a new video for my Mood Music section located on my YouTube channel. Above are the process steps from #line art to #painting. These will be added to a new commission site that I’m working on for those interested in #D&D characters.

End of Winter YouTube Video

If you want to listen to some mood music, just posted my latest. There is nothing like picking up a pencil and digging into a design while disappearing into some cool music. Music helps put me in the mood and helps visualize what it is I’m trying to draw. Sometimes music causes me to draw something entirely different than what I started with.

Concept Art Idea Book 2 Artbook Starter Kit

Do you want to make an art book? Do you feel like that you just don’t have the tools available to make one because they cost too much? My latest art book was written and published by me with zero out of pocket expenses. That’s right. I didn’t spend any money publishing my art book. It only costs the time you want to spend on it making the best product you can.