Jeffrey Hunt

Freelance graphic illustrator with a passion for writing, digital painting, illustration, concept #art, and #comics created using various digital design tools such as #Photoshop, #Clipstudiopaint, and more.

Mega Man Fan Art

Mega Man Fan Art. Completed a Mega Man painting consisting of about 30 layers with an overall work time of about eight hours broken up over three days. Figured it’s time to start adding some fan art to my portfolio.

Telling My Ideas to Wait in Line

year I have a lot of ideas for things I want to do and characters I want to create. Sometimes there are so many that they don’t want to wait in line at all. It’s like they are telling me what I’m going to next and I have to remind myself that I’m the boss. Much of this just comes from impatience and the need to work on more than one project at once. It just seems like one competes with the other.

Fantasy Rock Study

Tonight I painted a mysterious entrance inside of a cave as the theme for my rock study. Creating the one segment saved so much time. I copied and pasted the one element over and over again until I had the rock pattern I needed. I used reference from the landscape workshop to get the edges correct along with that rock like appearance.