Sketchbook Pro Custom Brushes Overview

In this video I have provided an overview of the Sketchbook Pro Custom brushes that I have made using Sketchbook Pro. I also provide a tutorial showing how to put the brushes to use.


Today I completed my #Christmas #Elf #Digital #Painting. You may have seen my previous post that I uploaded of my digital pencil #sketch. If you missed it, go check it out.

Christmas Tree WIP (Clip Studio Paint and Wondershare Filmora)

Christmas Tree

The current WIP is a digital pencil sketch with shading of an elf overshadowed by a giant magical Christmas tree. What is the purpose of this giant tree? Is it symbolic to the region? Does it contain a magical power source critical to the rest of the North Pole? Let your mind go wild with the possibilities.

Pumpkin Pie Sky

I wrote a short #poem to try something different this week. I love pumpkin pie and I thought it would be neat to work with a color palate that was limited to the colors of my favorite desert.