Ghostly Search

This evening I finished a #ghostly #poem to provide you with some #hauntingly wonderful #entertainment as part of this #video. Please enjoy! It’s now live on YouTube.


The #art was created using #clipstudiopaint and is 16 layers. Two of the layers are add glow layers which enhance the ghostly appearance of our scary wandering ghost. By putting the glow layers on top of each other, it compounded the effect of the ghostly look. A couple of green gradient layers provided a creepy ambiance. I erased out where I didn’t need it to show up. To keep control of the focal point, I limited where I used the glow effect.

The Poem

I wrote the poem last after I completed the image and uploaded the music. I let my emotions guide the literary aspect of the poem by visualizing myself as the main character. I thought of what the ghost might be thinking or “feeling” so to speak and wrote based off of that.

Final Touch

I used #wondersharefilmora to do the final editing and create the poem overlay in the video. It’s so easy to use but I was concerned about the timing of it all. I didn’t want to go too long through each scene without something to read. I use the music options of the #filmora to select the sounds that went with the scene. There was so much to choose from.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did creating it. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I’m sure no one can tell though…hahaha.

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Take care and happy watching!

Pumpkin Pie Sky

I wrote a short #poem to try something different this week. I love pumpkin pie and I thought it would be neat to work with a color palate that was limited to the colors of my favorite desert.

Please enjoy.

Pumpkin Pie Sky

Pumpkin Pie Sky

I sit and wonder why
Under a pumpkin pie sky
Maybe it’s this tree
Or thoughts of hanging out with thee
Under a pumpkin pie sky

Water Maiden

Tonight’s #digitalart is a water #maiden who lives in an old abandoned #pirate cove long forgotton. #clipstudiopaint was used to design this 20 layer digital #painting. #wondersharefilmora was used to finish the piece into this #beautiful #syfy scene video.

This is all part of my latest project for my #YouTube channel to provide #mood #music for my fans. For those #artists out there, some good listening #vibes allows the creative juices to keep on flowing.

What do you think?

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Drawing Process

Haunted Evening


Do you like #ghosts? The season of #Halloween is soon to begin so I designed this animation of a haunted environment to start the excitement early.


This #haunted #environment was created using #Clip Studio Paint and #Wondershare Filmora. Each element was designed and placed into an individual folder. This allowed for easy modifications to be made when needed and also simplified the animation when I put it all together.


The elements in each folder consisted of seven layers. Each one used a glow layer and some screen layers. The glow layers made the spectral visions of the spirits seem to jump off the page. Pretty cool I think. I used more of a painterly brush to bring out the ghostly essence. Lots of blending helped to keep the lines blurred and the color values more evenly spread out.


The Filmora video editor made is very easy to take the exported Clip Studio Paint video and add music. I added the clips and the music so that they complemented each other as best as possible. There was a particle field that I added which came with the software to make the scene glow with orbs. The music was found from the YouTube library of royalty free music they make available.

Hope you enjoy. I’ll be adding it to my mood music library. Check it out if you haven’t already.

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Dystopian Cyber City (Clip Studio Paint Animation)

Dystopian Cyber City

Dystopian Cyber City is an #environment #animation made exclusively with #clipstudiopaint. This #conceptart inspired theme is set on a futuristic planet far away from Earth. Energy is in short supply to power the main buildings and you can see them pulse with light as you watch the video play.

The Design

The design was made using 28 layers for different effects. Some of the layers used were glow layers, overlay, a levels layer, and some screen layers. The layers were all built on each other with various blending modes to unify the scene and keep the environment ambient. I sought to create a #painterly effect to the overall piece by blending much of the strokes on the landscape.

The Animation

The animation was a test of #csp ability to create animation within the software. I found it very easy to do and easy to manipulate the various effects. The lights were on a separate timeline and looped. By turning off the opacity, I was able to use key frames to make the lights turn on and off. I added a #2d camera to get some motion into the scene as well. I think it added more of a dynamic effect.

The Video

The final video was exported from Clip Studio Paint and then imported into #wondersharefilmora on my computer. I could have uploaded it right into #youtube but wanted to build my #blog post first and then link back to it but I chose a different route this time.

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Battle Ork! Wargh!

This video was inspired by the world of #warhammer40k. As a child I used to buy and paint the miniatures and grew to love the Warhammer universe. Even today, I play many of the games and still read the White Drawf magazines when I find them. This piece was designed using #clipstudiopaint and #blender. I used 25 layers in the digital image combining different blending layers along the way. Blender was used to add some wonderful effects and #wondershare added even more. I hope you enjoy the video. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed it or even if you didn’t. 🙂