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Amazon Kindle Concept Art Idea Book 2

Amazon Kindle now has The Concept Art Idea Book 2 available to purchase. It’s been almost a year since I started working on my #digitalart book. I’ve had some recent posts about my progress over the past few months. There were days when I had to take short breaks and there were days when I took some longer ones. There is nothing better though than the feeling you get when you can say that you are all done.

It is available here on Amazon.

Concept art idea book 2 intro video


What is this series about? In 2017 I published my very first book with the hopes of sharing my artwork with the world in the form of an illustrated book and providing value to those who just need some ideas to get started. I am all too familiar with artist block. That feeling of hopelessness that comes from not knowing what to draw. I find myself going to my own personal library of art books to overcome the block to get inspired by some of my favorite artists. I figure that if someone finds one of my books and is inspired by one of my images, then that is something to feel good about.


This book was created using Microsoft Publisher. I had never really spent much time using it before and thought it would be an inexpensive way to build a book. I already had created much of my artwork using other drawing software so all I needed to do was to upload my images into the page layouts. I took the time to build a table of contents first so that I knew which images to put where. This also helped me decide what kind of articles I would add as well. Once the book was completed, I exported quite a few drafts and allowed myself to walk away from the project a while. I found that after a week would go by, I’d look at my pages and think “uuugghh! What am I doing?” The pages didn’t look as good as they had when I really get going. Time away does provide some clearer vision. Amazon really makes it easy to upload a book just so long as you are careful with page sizes and page counts. Every once in a while I would lose a page and everything would shift right or left. Kind of gets annoying but perseverance prevails.

Published for Kindle and Paperback

Where can I find it?

The book is going to take about 72 hours to promulgate on the servers but you can find it here. I’ll be sure to send more updates about it if something changes.

Have a great day!

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